An Interview with SC13 Keynote Speaker, Dr. Genevieve Bell

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248075In this podcast, The Exascale Report interviews Intel Fellow and SC13 Keynote Speaker, Genevieve Bell. She discusses her hopes for the SC13 keynote and the exciting challenges ahead for technology achievement. Along the way, Bell hopes to inspire researchers to open their minds, think creatively, and explore the myriad of ‘what if’ possibilities at the intersection of culture and technology.

I believe Dr. Bell’s keynote presentation at SC13 will be one of the more enjoyable and memorable presentations – and quite fitting for the 25th anniversary conference – as we explore what the next quarter century may have in store for all of us,” said Mike Bernhardt at The Exascale Report.

The interview starts off with Dr. Genevieve Bell responding to this question:
“Genevieve, you are one of the most widely recognized women in technology but I think it is fair to say most people don’t associate your name with supercomputing or think of you as a likely candidate to be addressing an HPC audience with such an important keynote address. What are your plans – or what do you hope to accomplish with your SC13 keynote?”

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