Lustre Releases Update from LAD’13

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Jones' Title Slide

In this video from the LAD’13 conference in Paris, Peter Jones from Intel presents an update on Lustre Releases.

The Lustre community has banded together to work on the development of the Lustre source code. As part of that effort, we regularly discuss the roadmap for major Lustre releases. We have developed a schedule of major releases that occur every six months. We recognize, however, that many organizations need a branch of Lustre that they can run for much longer periods of time than six months. To that end we collectively decided that we would target the Lustre 2.4.0 feature release to begin a side branch of Lustre to receive regularly scheduled maintenance releases for a significant period of time (18 months or more). Unfortunately, one particular feature that some folks feel strongly is an absolute requirement, HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management), did not land on the development branch in time for Lustre 2.4.0. Happily HSM is now landed on the master branch, and will appear in the next Lustre feature release, version 2.5.0. Rather than split the community effort between two closely spaced scheduled maintenance release branches, we have decided to realign our efforts from the 2.4 branch to the 2.5 branch.”

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