There is No Other Side: Global Warming is Real and We Humans are Contributing

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IPCC reportIn this report from WGN in Chicago, Atmospheric Science Professor Don Wuebbles from the University of Illinois describes how the latest climate studies powered by supercomputing analysis show that the Earth is indeed warming and that we humans are contributing to the problem.

Great computer power also allows scientists to get down to much better resolutions on smaller scales, like predicting regional climates. “Illinois may be becoming more like eastern Texas, more like the Dallas area for example, where most of the summer is above 90 degrees and you have a month of 100 degree days. Well, that’s not Illinois as we know it.” That scenario is for the end of the century and assumes continued heavy use of fossil fuels.

Read the Full Story or check out this statement from Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz about the latest IPCC report on climate change:

I believe that the report is a watershed; we have clear evidence from our climate scientists that global warming is happening and that we as humans are playing a critical role, which is the underpinning of the President’s Climate Action Plan.  The plan places a strong emphasis on mitigating the risks of climate change through further investments in clean technologies aligning with our all-of-the-above energy strategy.  The President’s plan also brings forward a strong focus on the need to prepare for climate change because we are already experiencing the anticipated impacts of global warming,” said Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.