Interview: The Ubercloud HPC Experiment

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BurakWolfBy bringing together Cloud providers, HPC Cloud experts, and potential users, the Ubercloud project is working to help SMEs to adopt Cloud HPC. Over at The Memories of Product Manager Blog, Miha Ahronovitz has posted an interview with the two leads of the Ubercloud HPC Experiment: Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier.

Burak had some deep questions around “why is cloud adoption in HPC so slow?” said Gentzsch. “I had no answers for some of his questions. I had no practical experience from solid case studies, because they aren’t many. So we started an intense four weeks discussion trying to seek proven facts that we can use. Some answers we came across were from real experts who had proof to back up their statements, but many others believed that they had an answer, but all they had were suppositions. I traveled to US to see Burak and we spent a few days together in the same room, brainstorming. At the end, we decided to find out ourselves. We needed proven answers and came out with the idea for a real community project.

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