Vizworld Site for Sale

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Over at Vizworld, owner Randall Hand writes that his long-running visualization news site is officially for sale.


As much as I love the site and the many people it’s brought me to, I simply don’t have time to do the site justice anymore. The first two years was great, but I simply haven’t had the time to travel to all the events to which I’m invited or followup on all the leads that come my way. And as my own limits were reached, so were VizWorld’s, and as almost anyone can see: It’s suffered. So, if anyone out there has any interest in taking over the site, please contact me via to negotiate it.

I think Vizworld has real value to the community and I wish Randall the best.

In related news, I’m predicting a similar move by Tabor Communications, as their HPC in the Cloud and Green Computing Report sites have gone stale with only a few random posts in the last 30 days or so.