American Teams Line Up to Defend Cluster Cup at SC13

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Over at the Student Cluster Competition Blog, Dan Olds writes that five teams will be defending America’s Big Iron honor at the upcoming competition at SC13 conference in Denver. This Battle Royale will feature eight total teams designing, tuning, and optimizing clustered systems to see who can serve up the highest performance while using only 26 amps of electricity.

University of Colorado (Boulder) is the home team this year, defending the honor of Colorado, the US, and, as mentioned above, the entire Western Hemisphere. But this is the most experienced team in the competition; they’ve been there and done that. How experienced are they? Well, Colorado (Team Buffalo) has competed in five of the six SC competitions and both of the ISC competitions in Europe. Also, five of their six team members have been to the big dance before, most of them multiple times.

Additional US teams include: UT Austin, Tennessee, Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) , and University of the Pacific.

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