Bright Computing Enables Cloud HPC in China

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Bright Computing logoToday Bright Computing announced that China’s Bingo Software is using Bright Cluster Manager to deliver HPC services for its IaaS cloud platform. Bright enables the provisioning, monitoring, and management of HPC clusters, as well as the extension of these clusters into private clouds, all within BingoCloud.

BingoCloud pioneered the localization of an IaaS cloud platform for China,” stated Yang Qiu, BingoCloud Product Manager at BingoSoft. “For the past three years, we have been establishing a provider-of-choice reputation for customers such as the Beijing Rendering Platform, China Telecom, Guangzhou Metro and the South China University of Technology. Bright Cluster Manager allowed us to rapidly integrate the most comprehensive and robust solution for managing the HPC services into BingoCloud. Bright’s use of open standards, availability of a rich API, plus ability to support customized HPC configurations, makes for a natural fit in our IaaS platform. The expertise provided by Beijing-based Paratera was critical in selecting Bright for our HPC service in BingoCloud.”

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