CGG Using Allinea DDT for Globally Distributed Software Development

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CGG logoAllinea Software reports that CGG, one of the leading multinational integrated geosciences companies is ramping up its use of the Allinea DDT debugger within its globally distributed software development teams.

Allinea DDT can save up to 5 times the time I’d spend fixing problems without a debugger”, said CGG’s Daniel Trad. “I’m working with MPI parallel and multi-threaded software – a robust and easy-to-use debugger like Allinea DDT is critical to success.”

Software developed by teams distributed across four continents holds many secrets to the success of CGG – as significant R&D is constantly integrated into its software to maintain an advantage in the competitive oil and gas industry. CGG’s developers are using the powerful Allinea DDT debugging tool from Allinea Software to help them deliver by reducing the cost and impact of software bugs during development.

Download the Case Study (PDF).