Intel to Manufacture Quad-Core ARM Processors for Altera

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In a surprise move this week, Altera announced that Intel will manufacture Altera’s ARM-based SoCs using Intel’s 14 nm tri-gate transistor technology. These Stratix 10 next-generation products, which target ultra-high-performance systems for military, wireline communications, cloud networking, and compute and storage applications, will reportedly enable breakthrough levels of performance and power efficiencies not otherwise possible.

High-end networking and communications infrastructure are rapidly migrating toward heterogeneous computing architectures to achieve maximum system performance and power efficiency,” said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at The Linley Group, a leading embedded research firm. “What Altera is doing with its Stratix 10 SoC, both in terms of silicon convergence and high-level design tool support, puts the company at the forefront of delivering heterogeneous computing platforms and positions them well to capitalize on myriad opportunities.”

Leveraging Intel’s 14 nm Tri-Gate process and an enhanced high-performance architecture, Altera Stratix 10 SoCs will have a programmable-logic performance level of more than 1GHz; two times the core performance of current high-end 28 nm FPGAs.

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