IU Center Scores Funds For Supercomputing

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IU logoThis week the Indiana University Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies has secured a pair of NSF grants worth more than $400,000.

The first NSF grant totals nearly $200,000 and provides funding to develop an online HPC course to improve America’s reach in the frontiers of exascale computing.

There is a dearth of experts in computational sciences and in HPC systems design in this country, and we have to reverse that, or frankly it will have a negative economic impact on the nation,” said CREST Executive Associate Director and Chief Scientist Thomas Sterling.

According to Sterling, an online HPC course has its advantages. Because Lectures are recorded and course work is available at any time, students from around the world can complete the curriculum at their convenience.

A second NSF grant totaling $230,000 will help IU further develop technologies that could ultimately make robots more useful. IU has designed a multiprocessor execution model known as ParalleX, which tells supercomputers how to carry out computations. The grant will help researchers make ParalleX suitable for exascale computing, enabling the largest supercomputers in the world to run on multiple processors. To do that, researchers must first make several improvements to ParalleX, namely to its reliability, energy use, debugging capability, and ability to manage how a computation is distributed across an exascale computing platform.

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