Mellanox Becomes First Certified End-To-End Interconnect Vendor for OpenStack

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Mellanox logoToday Mellanox announced that several key InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter and switch components for Nova, Cinder and Neutron have been accepted into OpenStack’s newly released Havana distribution. Leveraging Mellanox 10/40GbE or FDR 56Gb/s adapters and switches and the OpenStack Cinder block storage and Neutron plug-ins, cloud vendors can significantly improve storage access performance and run virtual machine traffic with bare-metal performance, while enjoying hardened security and QoS; all delivered in a simple and tightly integrated package.

Mellanox is a trusted vendor, and its contribution to OpenStack has reduced the complexity of our integrated cloud cluster,” said Professor Lindsay Botten, Director of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). “Mellanox’s interconnect solutions allow for faster inter-node connectivity and access to storage, providing Australian researchers and scientific research organizations with critical on-demand access to our high-performance cloud.”

Mellanox is the first adapter vendor to be listed on the Red Hat Certified Solution Marketplace – a directory of technologies and products which have been certified by Red Hat and are designed to optimize Red Hat OpenStack based distributions.

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