Mellanox Open Sources VMA Messaging Accelerator

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Mellanox logoToday Mellanox announced the availability of its Messaging Accelerator (VMA) as an Open Source software platform for message-based and streaming network socket applications. VMA Open Source allows application developers to work within the VMA developer community to fully customize their application software source code and achieve optimal configurations that will boost performance, lower latency and increase transactions per second.

By opening VMA source code we enable our customers with the freedom to implement the acceleration product and more easily tailor it to their specific application needs,” said Tom Thirer, director of product management at Mellanox Technologies. “We encourage our customers to use the free and open VMA source package and to contribute back to the community.”

The VMA Open Source is available under a dual license – GPLv2 and commercial – and can be downloaded for free download from Google Code.

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