ESG White Paper: NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop

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Hadoop is an open source and significant emerging technology for solving business problems around large volumes of mostly unstructured data that cannot be analyzed with traditional database tools. The NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop combines the power of the Hadoop framework with flexible storage, professional support, and services of NetApp and its partners to deliver higher Hadoop cluster availability and efficiency. Based on a reference architecture, it focuses on scaling Hadoop from its departmental origins to an enterprise infrastructure with independent compute and storage scaling, faster cluster ingest, and faster job completion under failure conditions.

In a new research report, ESG Lab performed hands-on evaluation and testing of solution at a NetApp facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Testing was designed to demonstrate that the NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop can perform and scale linearly as data volumes and load increase, can recover from both a single and double node failure with no disruption to a running Hadoop job, and can quickly recover from a name node failure.

Download the ESG whitepaper from the insideHPC whitepaper library.