Notre Dame Scales HPC with Allinea MAP

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Tim Stitt

Tim Stitt

The Center For Research Computing at the University of Notre Dame is using Allinea Software’s tools as part of their mission to improve code efficiency and open their HPC resources to a wider user base.

A critical part of my team’s efforts is invested in supporting our ever-growing user-community – over 1500 user accounts,” said Tim Stitt, Head of User Services at the CRC. “As more users join, my team needs to help port more codes to CRC resources and ensure resources are used effectively. We rely on Allinea Software’s debugging and profiling tools, Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP, to provide a shallow learning curve and a consistent, easy to use user-interface. The tools give users the power and flexibility to understand intimate details about their code’s performance. By putting the demands of debugging and profiling directly in the students’ hands, my team can focus on those who really need our expert help.”

In a recent project to develop computational model for hurricanes and storm-surges, Stitt used Allinea MAP, which enabled him to convert existing pure MPI code to a hybrid of MPI and OpenMP for the Intel Xeon Phi Stampede machine at TACC. Allinea MAP helped him quickly identify critical performance hotspots in the existing code that now drives the development of the hybrid code.

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