Podcast: FLAMEL Program at Georgia Tech Brings Big Data to Material Science

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grapheneIn this podcast, Richard Fujimoto and Surya Kalidindi from Georgia Tech describe the new FLAMEL doctoral student training program. FLAMEL is designed to develop innovations in computing, mathematics, material science, and manufacturing in order to accelerate the creation of new high performance materials for applications.

The goal of this program is to employ advances in ‘big data’ and information technology to significantly reduce the timelines now required for new materials to be created and incorporated into commercial products,” said School of Computational Science and Engineering Chair and Regents’ Professor Richard Fujimoto, the principal investigator for the grant. “The program will be transformational in bringing ‘big data’ researchers together with materials scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to quantify the microstructures that comprise materials and develop new algorithms and software for their design.”

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