SBEUC Uses Green Supercomputing to Develop Energy Efficient Technologies

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In this video, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz visits the NETL’s Simulation-Based Engineering User Center. As “the Energy Lab,” the SCEUC is designed to use energy more efficiently as it works to develop new ways to use energy more efficiently in the future.

The SBEUC is accelerating R&D to address environmental concerns around power generation, speed the development of new cutting-edge technology, and enable us to troubleshoot and optimize existing technology,” said Chris Guenther, director of the SBEUC at NETL. “All of the work that once would have been done manually—by building scale models and prototype facilities—can now be done on this computer, much faster than we could have ever done before. It’s all about making research into the next generation of fossil fuel systems faster, cheaper, and safer.”

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