SC13 Extends Early Registration Due to Govt. Shutdown

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Due to the uncertainties of the Government Shutdown, the SC13 conference has extended the early registration deadline for those directly affected by the government shutdown for either one week after the shutdown ends or November 1st, whichever comes first.

SC13 will make the final determination of who may take advantage of this offer. Those to whom it applies include anyone directly employed by the federal government (for example, NASA or DOD) and contractors who are primarily funded by federal agencies, such as the DOE laboratories. If you have any question about this policy, please contact

10/17/2013 UPDATE:
Any time between now the end of the day, October 24th, those affected by the shutdown may send an email to that includes your name, address (combined with your name as a unique identifier), whether or not you are a member of ACM or IEEE, and a brief statement regarding your qualification for the discounted registration rate (for example, “I am a federal employee of agency X” or “I am a contractor employed full time on a federal contract for agency X”). There should be some corroborating evidence of your status in your submission, for example you may wish to include a URL to an official website listing you as staff, or send the email from a federal email address (*.gov, *.mil, etc.). If we determine that you qualify for the discounted rate, we will email you a discount code to use when registering for the conference. Note that sharing of the discount code with colleagues is not encouraged, as we will be auditing registrations made with the code and will reject a registration made with the code that was not authorized as part of this process.

As a side note, I believe we are all “directly affected” by the shutdown, which ended this morning on Oct. 17. But that’s just me. Read the Full Story.