Why SC13 is more than just “Burning Man for Geeks”

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In this video, Charlie Peck, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Earlham College, discusses why he believes people should attend the SC13 conference.

New to the annual Supercomputing (SC) Conference? You’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I participate in SC13?” The answer is simple – if you are looking to immerse yourself into the complex world of HPC, there’s no better place. A range of programs are provided to help attendees get the most of their time at the conference and bring them into the HPC community. HPC Interconnections comprises Broader Engagement, HPC Educators, Mentors & Proteges, a program for international attendees, and programs for students, including the Doctoral Showcase, the Student Job Fair, the Student Cluster Competition, and Student Volunteers. The goal is to ensure that all attendees make meaningful connections to help them during SC13 and after.