TACC Wrangler Supercomputer to Be One Tough Customer for Big Data

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taccLogoThis week the Texas Advanced Computing Center announced plans to design, build and deploy Wrangler, a groundbreaking data analysis and management system for the national open science community. Supported by a $6M grant from the NSF, the new system is scheduled for production in January 2015.

Wrangler is designed from the ground up for emerging and existing applications in data intensive science,” said Dan Stanzione, the lead principal investigator (PI) for the project and deputy director at TACC. “Wrangler will be one of the highest performance data analysis systems ever deployed, and will be the most replicated, secure storage for the national open science community.”

Pundits sometimes say that Big Data is an offshoot of HPC, but in this case, the Wrangler architecture is being driven by the unique needs of data-intensive computing. Through tight integration with TACC’s Stampede supercomputer and XSEDE resources around the country, Wrangler will be a part of the broader XSEDE national cyberinfrastructure.

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