Terascala Eases Lustre Management with Intelligent Storage Bridge

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Terascale logoToday Terascala announced their new Intelligent Storage Bridge (ISB), a high-performance workflow manager designed to transfer large data sets quickly and automatically between fast scratch storage and enterprise storage. The ISB is described as the first workflow manager that is purpose-built for application users working in HPC environments that use the Lustre parallel file system and need direct access to project data at any point in the application workflow.

Because it is difficult to tie departmental HPC environments to IT, we often find that research data ends up stranded within the workgroup,” said Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “That leaves it untracked, unprotected, and more importantly the company can’t leverage it for other projects. Terascala’s ISB makes that connection and can help users centralize data within, across and between departments to make it easily available for new or shared projects, ultimately speeding the time to results.”

Data movement is always a challenge for system admins, but the Terascala ISB eases this process by automatically moving large data sets on and off scratch storage using the maximum available network, compute and storage resources. The data movement is parallelized, saving time as well as costs because organizations no longer need to over-provision the infrastructure in order to compensate for slow data transfer rates. In addition, the ISB is the first workflow manager that puts primary control of the data in the hands of the user rather than the HPC administrator, removing the need for data management expertise through wizard-based tools and user-defined automation policies.

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