Cray Provides Cray Compiler Environment (CCE) to Its Line of Cluster Supercomputers

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imagesAt SC13, Cray announced that the latest release of the Cray Compiler Environment (CCE) is now available on the Cray CS300 line of cluster supercomputers. As a result of years of use in the world’s most demanding high performance computing (HPC) centers, the CCE provides customers with a proven, familiar and HPC-optimized compiler for highly parallel environments.

Cray has devoted years of R&D investments towards designing, building and refining a productive compiler that can build compute intensive applications on high-end supercomputing systems,” said Peg Williams, Cray’s senior vice president of high performance computing systems. “By extending the CCE to our CS300 systems, we have added a finely-tuned compiler to our line of flexible, integrated and energy efficient cluster supercomputers. With one common compiler across multiple platforms of Cray supercomputing systems, we are bringing familiarity and ease-of-use to the data center.”

The CCE was one of the first compiling environments to support OpenACC, and is designed to support x86 processors, NVIDIA(R) Tesla(R) GPU accelerators and Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) coprocessors.

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