Intel Knights Landing to Take Xeon Phi to the Next Level in 2015

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Over at ExtremeTech, Sebastian Anthony writes that Intel has taken the wraps off Knights Landing, its next-generation, 72-core Xeon Phi supercomputing chip.

The main change is that Knights Landing will be a standalone processor, rather than a slot-in coprocessor that must be paired with standard Xeon CPU. Furthermore, Knights Landing will have up to 16GB of DRAM 3D stacked on-package, providing up to 500GB/sec of memory bandwidth (along with up to 384GB of DDR4-2400 mainboard memory). Knights Landing will debut in 2015 on Intel’s 14nm process, and with a promise of 3 teraflops (double precision) per socket it will almost certainly be used to build some monster 100+ petaflop x86 supercomputers, and beyond to exascale.

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