RSC from Russia Achieves 1 Petaflop per Rack

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This week the RSC Group from Russia demonstrated a “world record” computing density of 1 Petaflops of peak performance per rack, 5x times greater than the previous record of 211 TFLOPS per rack set by RSC Tornado supercomputer architecture earlier this year. One RSC PetaStream rack contains 1024 computing nodes and has the capability to efficiently remove over 400 kW of power using RSC’s direct liquid cooling technology. This is 4x times greater than the previous RSC’s mark, setting a new world record of power density.

We managed to achieve such a breakthrough due to unique extensive experience of RSC specialists in development of extra efficient direct liquid cooling technologies and ultra-high density integration of supercomputer solutions based on standard server components and technologies,” said Alexey Shmelev, COO of RSC Group.

RSC’s PetaStream solution is an innovative implementation of massively parallel architecture, using the best available industrial components, highly dense integration and unique system architecture. Every system node is based on Intel® Xeon Phi™ 5120D coprocessor featuring 60 cores and 8GB of high-bandwidth GDDR5 memory. All 1024 nodes are interconnected using high speed Infiniband FDR network, and altogether providing revolutionary high-density HPC solution capable to process over 250,000 execution threads in a single rack based on x86 architecture. This enabled a significant step ahead to create Exascale level supercomputers that will have millions of executable threads in a single application. With RSC PetaStream systems the users and developers already can develop and optimize applications for future massively parallel systems with many-core processors.

Efficient access to computing is the foundation of innovation and discovery,” said Raj Hazra, Vice President Data Center Group and General Manager Technical Computing at Intel Corporation. “The coming era of computing will require efficiently deploying parallel software on energy-efficient, parallel hardware based on Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. RSC’s PetaStream solution meets those requirements and allows customers to protect their software and hardware investments as they march towards the Exascale era.”

RSC PetaStream solution is based on x86 architecture that is a de-facto a global industrial standard and guarantees investment protection in software development and optimization. Developers of new software for future computing systems will be able to use existing programming models and run existing applications on Exascale level supercomputers. At the same time, the flexibility of RSC PetaStream architecture allows testing of new innovative programming models that may become more applicable in the Exascale era.

Read the Full Story or stop by for a demonstration this week at RSC booth #404 at SC13.