TACC to Test Pilot Toopher Authentication Technology

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toopher logoThis week the Texas Advanced Computing Center announced plans to test pilot the Toopher Invisible Multifactor Authentication technology for secure access in TACC’s supercomputing environment.

Operating powerful computing systems with national and International profile for thousands of researchers across the globe exposes us to some risks, even though the purpose of these open science systems is entirely for the public good,” said TACC Director Jay Boisseau. “To ensure that our researchers are able to be fully productive, we need to maximize security and uptime, while not imposing barriers to using the systems. By leveraging smartphones and GPS, Toopher is developing the most exciting technology I’ve seen for increasing security without getting in the user’s way.”

Toopher offers invisible, location-based multifactor authentication and authorization with the location of your smartphone, which is ideal for protecting logins, online payments, and other sensitive online actions. Toopher pushes a notification to users when a login attempt is made.

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