UNH to Debut Cray Supercomputer Named Trillian

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Hitchhikers guideToday the University of New Hampshire unveil a new Cray supercomputer named after a character in the “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Dubbed “Trillian,” the Cray XE6m supercomputer is 15 times more powerful than its predecessor.

With Trillian, we can do bigger, more accurate simulations faster,” says Space Science Center astrophysicist Joachim “Jimmy” Raeder, lead UNH scientist on the MRI grant. “And one basic advantage of having a supercomputer here is the quick turnaround — we don’t have to buy time on a remote supercomputer or move data, we can store it locally and efficiently.”

The Trillian supercomputer will be used to study such subjects as solar wind and its properties, turbulence in fluids and plasmas, and space weather.

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