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Archives for December 2013

Understanding I/O Patterns with strace

“The last lesson I want to mention is that there is more than one way to do I/O. By switching from the “one-by-one” approach, which wrote the data once the data structure was full, to the “array” method, which created an array of data structures and filled them before writing out the data, I was able to improve my data I/O pattern.”

Scalable and Resilient MPI and GPUDirect RDMA

In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC13, DK Panda from Ohio State presents: High Performance Scalable and Fault Resilient MPI and GPUDirect RDMA. See more talks from the Mellanox Booth.

RCE Podcast Looks at Scalable Checkpoint/Restart (SCR)

In this podcast, Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Kathryn Mohror and Adam Moody about Scalable Checkpoint/Restart (SCR).

SR-IOV: The Key to Fully Virtualized HPC Clusters

In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC13, Glenn Lockwood from SDSC presents: SR-IOV The Key Enabling Technology for Fully Virtualized HPC Clusters.

RIKEN to Host Exascale Supercomputer in 2020

This week the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected RIKEN to develop a new exascale supercomputer. With a planned deployment in 2020, the new system is expected to keep Japan at the leading edge of computing science and technology.

Job of the Week: HPC System Configuration Analyst in Chippewa Falls

Cray is a seeking an CrayHPC System Configuration Analyst in our Job of the Week.

Dassault Acquires RTT

Dassault has announced the signing of an acquisition agreement for an 84 per cent interest in Realtime Technology (RTT).

Supercomputing and the Search for Supernovae

In this video, Berkeley Lab’s Peter Nugent presents: “Supercomputing and the search for supernovae.” The talk was part of the Eight Big Ideas night, where eight Berkeley Lab scientists presented eight game-changing concepts in eight minutes each.

Big Data Predictions for 2014

“In 2014, HPC technology will combine original, un-fragmented data loads with visualization tools to map data—accelerating the creation of relational hypothesis. We will also start to see the first signs of machine learning for enterprise data insights as automated relational analysis enters the Big Data analytics space.”

Interview: Solving Tech Problems with Quantum Computing

In this video, D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell discusses the company’s progress in quantum computing. “I hope the pendulum swings back the other way at some point, where it becomes more in vogue to do more of this science-based research, because it’s really important for us to transform science into technology.”