Why 2014 is the Year that HPC Matters

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After shooting something like 50 interviews at SC13, I found myself on the other side of the stick this year when I paid a visit to the Swiss Supercomputing HPC-CH booth.

In this video, Michele De Lorenzi from CSCS and Rich Brueckner from insideHPC discuss why HPC Matters. It’s the SC14 theme for next year in New Orleans, but the time is now for all of us in the HPC community to start banging on the drum.

SC14 is introducing a new creative social media opportunity. Beginning in November 2013, we invite you to share your thoughts, vision, and experiences with HPC and why it matters to you. To participate, simply upload a one-minute, or less, video to the SC14 YouTube Channel and make sure to tag the video with “#HPCmatters”. Your creativity and passion will be the key in helping us share the personal story of HPC to the public, to policy makers, and to our colleagues around the world.