Why 2014 Will be a Breakout Year for HPC Virtualization

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joshsimons_avatarOver at the VMware CTO Office, Josh Simons writes that 2014 is going to be a breakout year for HPC virtualization.

I’m doubling down this year on the continued rise of internal use of virtualization for HPC workloads, either as vCAC-based private clouds or vSphere deployments. Why? Because in 2013 we saw a big jump in interest within our customer base for virtualizing HPC workloads, especially those in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Life Sciences, and Financial Services. Beyond interest, we saw actual customer deployments in EDA and Defense and launched two proofs-of-concept collaborations within the University of California system, focused on Life Sciences workloads. Looking forward, I expect to engage in at least two additional collaborations, one in EDA and one in academia, in 2014.

As further evidence that this trend is taking hold, Josh recommends this panel discussion on HPC Virtualization from the Dell booth at SC13.

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