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Learn to Redefine Scalable OpenMP and MPI Price-to-Performance

Given the speed of today’s technological evolution – HPC systems are going to see an even greater utilization jump in the future. With so many more users connecting via the cloud, so much more data to process, and a lot more value placed around information – it becomes even more critical to have an HPC infrastructure built around direct optimization.

Traditionally, multi-processor shared memory processing has long been the preferred method for creating and running technical computing codes. Now, this computing model extends from a user’s dual core laptop to 16 core servers – and more. Programmers often add parallel OpenMP directives to their programs in order to take advantage of the extra cores on modern servers. This approach is flexible and often preserves the “sequential” nature of the program (pthreads can of course also be used, but OpenMP is much easier to use). To extend programs beyond a single server, however, users must use the Message Passing Interface (MPI) to allow the program to operate across a high-speed interconnect.

While a pure MPI program does represent the greatest common denominator, better performance may be sacrificed by not utilizing the local nature of multi-core nodes. Hybrid (combined MPI/OpenMP) models have been able to pull more performance from cluster hardware, but often introduce programming complexity and may limit portability. In this whitepaper from Numascale, you’ll learn about:

  • Shared Memory Advantages
  • Shared Memory as a Universal Platform
  • Record-Setting OpenMP Performance Benchmarks
  • Maintaining Good MPI Performance
  • Understanding Cost and Value

Download this white paper today to learn how those seeking to maximize their HPC investment should consider NumaConnect as way to deliver all existing compute capabilities while enjoying the ease of shared memory computing. Furthermore, this paper will highlight some of the important advantages of NumaConnect systems and most importantly, provide performance and cost numbers that make NumaConnect-based HPC systems a compelling choice.

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