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Penguin Computing Doubles Down on GPU Density at SC13

In this video from SC13, Phil Pokorny from Penguin Computing describes the company’s latest innovations for HPC:

  • The Relion 2808GT server. Designed to deliver maximum compute power with a minimal datacenter footprint and maximum efficiency, this new system supports eight GPU accelerators or coprocessors in two rack units and provides a higher compute density than any other server on the market. Configured with NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerators, a single Relion 2808GT can achieve over 33TFLOPs of peak performance.
  • The new Arctica 3200xl open network switch based on the Broadcom StrataXGS Trident II chipset. Introduction of Arctica 3200xl adds 32-port 40 Gigabit Ethernet capability to the Arctica family.

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