Sponsored Post: Display Manager from Altair: Remote Visualization for HPC

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Altair_insideHPC_webad_120x450_120213At SC13 in Denver, Altair announced general availability for Display Manager, a web-based environment for remote visualization of very Big Data arising from large HPC simulations.

Display Manager is a web-based portal designed for extreme performance even in networks with challenging latencies. With Display Manager, users can remotely visualize and interact with their data and applications, gaining access to graphically intensive applications through a simple web browser.

Why Display Manager?

  • Easy to use: Simple, powerful Web-based interface
  • No client installation: Just connect and visualize
  • Zero data movement: Only pixels are transferred
  • Rapid collaboration: Instantly collaborate on Big Data, anywhere and anytime
  • Optimized resource management: Integrated with PBS Professional for optimized application provisioning
  • Open architecture: Use third party applications without additional development

Display Manager eliminates the need for massive data movement across networks by leveraging NVIDIA GRID GPU’s for server side remote visualization. This represents a major milestone in the path toward complete simulation lifecycle management in the cloud.”–Andrew Cresci, GM, Manufacturing Industries, NVIDIA

Watch the demo.