Xyratex Acquired – What Does the Future Hold for Lustre?

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scalableOver at Scalability.org, Joe Landman writes that Seagate’s acquisition of Xyratex raises troubling questions about the future of Lustre.

At this point, I think it actually really makes sense for the community as a whole to fork Lustre, rename it OpenSFS, remove all the branding IP, and make it GPL/MIT/BSD licensed. Have OpenSFS own the copyrights/IP, have vendors sign up to support it. Sort of like the Linux foundation. And what CentOS does with RedHat.

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  1. My concerns aren’t quite for the future of Lustre, but more for the ownership of the brand and IP assets. It is a solvable problem. Lustre itself should be fine unless the ip owner starts trying to impose views that run counter to what the community needs.