Altair to Acquire EM Software Systems

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Altair logoAltair is to acquire EM Software Systems (EMSS) in a deal which is expected to close in early 2014. EMSS consults for electromagnetic field analysis and antenna design, and produces FEKO, an electromagnetic solver aimed primarily at the aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding industries.

Altair already produces engineering simulation software within the Hyperworks suite including OptiStruct, Radioss, MotionSolve, and AcuSolve. The EMSS software, FEKO, will enable further solver functionality for Altair customers.

Dr Uwe Schramm, chief technical officer at Altair and responsible for solvers and optimisation, said, “Integration of the FEKO suite of electromagnetic solutions with Altair HyperWorks will give our customers access to additional smart multiphysics and design optimisation capabilities, for instance addressing coupled electromagnetic-thermal or electromagnetic-mechanical problems.”

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