ARM Goes 64 Bit: A First Look at Nvidia Project Denver with the Tegra K1

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In this video from the Nvidia Press Conference from CES 2014, Jen-Hsun Huang provides a first look at the Tegra K1 processor, which features the same high-performance Kepler-based GPU that drives the world’s most powerful supercomputers and PC gaming systems.

We’ve brought mobile computing to the same level as desktop computing… the same level as supercomputing,” Huang said of the K1’s graphics technology.


Tegra K1 is offered in two pin-to-pin compatible versions. The first version uses a 32-bit quad-core, 4-Plus-1 ARM Cortex A15 CPU. The second version uses a custom, NVIDIA-designed 64-bit dual Super Core CPU. This CPU (codenamed “Denver”) delivers very high single-thread and multi-thread performance. It is based on the ARMv8 architecture, which brings the energy-efficient heritage of ARM processor technology to 64-bit computing.”

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