Big Data: A New Challenge for Chemistry & Life Sciences

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Carlos P. Sosa

Carlos P. Sosa

Over at the Cray Blog, Carlos P. Sosa writes that leading chemistry and life sciences organizations are using the company’s supercomputers to power their scientific research. With new customers like Duke University, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Université Laval in Canada, and S.N. Bose in India, Cray is now helping researchers with a new challenge — the “data deluge.”

As for chemistry and life sciences, we see it as a vibrant and dynamic field that’s constantly evolving — from using nanotechnology and new materials to deliver drugs to unraveling the mysteries of how cells work. We definitely have our eye on those new technologies that are revolutionizing the field such as next generation sequencing (NGS). NGS allows for the analysis of genetic material with unprecedented speed and efficiency and is well suited for HPC.

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