DDN Powers 60 Percent of TOP500

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urlToday DataDirect Networks announced that the company’s storage infrastructure solutions power more than 60 percent of TOP500 most powerful supercomputers.

Commercial and research sites alike are under increased scrutiny to deliver the maximum computing benefits at the least cost,” said Laura Shepard, DDN director of HPC Markets. “DDN delivers the necessary combination of performance, reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness which has consistently made us the preferred partner for these organizations. We’re proud that we have powered over two thirds of the Top100 for over five years, and that we now can claim over 60 percent of the identifiable supercomputing sites around the world.”

According to the recent DDN end user survey, storage I/O is the most critical issue for organizations at today’s petascale levels. This is not surprising given CPU performance rises faster than disk. For example, the performance of systems in the Top10 has increased by 14x in less than 5 years and currently nine are powered by DDN.

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