Podcast: This Week in HPC Looks at IBM’s Exit from the x86 Server Biz

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logoIn this episode of This Week in HPC, Addison Snell and Michael Feldman of Intersect360 Research look at IBM’s exit from the x86 server business. After that, Rich Brueckner from insideHPC joins to discuss the legacy of Hans Meuer, a veritable legend in HPC who passed away this week at the age of 77.

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  1. Is anyone else seeing timestamps on the RSS feed be way off, like as in January 2013? For example, this one is showing up as being posted “Tue, 22 Jan 2013 17:04:47 +0000”. With the dates this far in the past, it gets buried in the “What’s New” view of my podcast reader.

  2. Thanks for joining the discussion, Rich. IBM-Lenovo has major HPC repercussions. Also, I really liked what you had to say in remembering Hans Meuer. What a legacy.

  3. Wow! Great information on the impact of the IBM Lenovo deal and it’s impact on the HPC Community. Rich that was a very touching tribute to Hans.