A Profile of HPC Innovator Taghrid Samak

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Taghrid_Samak_TechWomen_mlOver at Scientific Computing, Jon Bashor has posted a fascinating profile of HPC Innovator Taghrid Samak from LBNL. She hails from Alexandria in Egypt, and her story should be very inspiring for young women seeking careers in computational science.

While attending the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference, she met Deb Agarwal, head of Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Computing for Science Department, as well as recruiter Jeff Todd. After finishing her Ph.D., she joined the lab as a post-doc and is now a research scientist. In addition to her work on data mining for genome assembly quality assessment, she is also helping with predictive modeling as part of DOE’s Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative, modeling of energy consumption measurements for large-scale computing systems and “fingerprinting” HPC codes for cybersecurity analysis.

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