Supermicro Amps Up TwinPro Servers with FDR InfiniBand

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Today Super Micro Computer rolled out TwinPro computing platforms. Available in 2-node (TwinPro) and 4-node (TwinPro²) configurations, the new servers are optimized for high-end, high-density Data Center, Cloud Computing, Enterprise, HPC and Big Data applications.

Supermicro’s new 2U TwinPro and TwinPro² maximize performance and power savings by integrating the fastest storage and network technologies available into our resource optimized, energy efficient 2U Twin architecture,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “In this Twin evolution, we’ve accelerated I/O by integrating 12Gbs SAS3 and NVM Express to unleash the full performance potential of SSD storage. In addition, we’ve added 10GbE, 40GbE and 56Gbs FDR InfiniBand options for maximum bandwidth and lowest latency. Together with the energy efficiency advantages of our TwinPro architecture, we deliver customers the most cost-effective server solutions offering maximum performance per watt, per dollar, per square foot for data-intensive applications.”

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