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Archives for February 2014

Video: Petascale Simulations of Cloud Cavitation Collapse

Babek Hejazialhosseini from ETH presented this talk at the Stanford HPC Conference. “This talk outlines the challenges that hinder the effective solution of complex flows on contemporary supercomputers. It demonstrates several generalizable techniques towards achieving unprecedented performance on both IBM Blue Gene/Q and Cray supercomputers. Simulation of cloud cavitation collapse, a challenging flow problem with a broad range of applications, is presented.”

Maxeler Technologies to Deploy Energy Efficient HPC System at Daresbury

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and London-based Maxeler Technologies are collaborating in a project funded by the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills to install the next generation of supercomputing technology in a new facility at the Daresbury Laboratory focusing on energy efficient supercomputing to enable UK industry to have the edge in using a technology designed for the move towards Exascale computing.

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss LUG 2014 in Miami

LUG 2014 will bring together industry leaders, end-users, developers, and vendors to talk Lustre, contribute to the community, and move the technology forward.

Best Practices Demonstrate Record Performance on LS-DYNA

Over at the Mellanox Blog, Scot Schultz writes that a new HPCAC Best Practices Paper shows record application performance for LS-DYNA Automotive Crash Simulation.

This Week in HPC: CORAL’s 200 Petaflop Supercomputers and Maxeler HPC Debut at Daresbury

In this podcast, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell discuss the CORAL collaboration to procure a trio of 200 Petaflop supercomputers. In other news, our intrepid hosts look at the new energy efficient Maxeler supercomputer that will soon be deployed at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

Sponsored Post: An Open Letter to the HPC Community from Christiaan Best, CEO of Green Revolution Cooling

Christiaan Best, Founder & CEO of Green Revolution Cooling discusses the fiery motivation his organization has to change the data center cooling industry, their recent explosion of growth, and the cost-effective future of liquid submersion cooling.

HTC to Harness Collective Processing Power of Android Smartphones

This week mobile phone manufacturer HTC announced an initiative that aims to create the a supercomputer by harnessing the collective processing power of Android smartphones.

Thomas Sterling to Keynote OFA Developer Workshop

Today the Open Fabrics Alliance announced that Thomas Sterling from Indiana University will keynote the 2014 OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop.

The Scary Side of AI and Big Data

Douglas Eadline writes that recent big investments in AI technology by IBM and Google show that intelligent systems are the future of big business. The problem is, these advancements could come at the expense of our privacy.

CORAL Collaboration to Deliver Three 200 Petaflop Systems in 2017

Lawrence Livermore National Lab has joined forces with Oak Ridge and Argonne to deliver next generation supercomputers able to perform up to 200 peak petaflops.