The Changing Face of the SSD Industry

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photoOver at InfoStor, Henry Newman from Instrumental writes that recent upheaval at Violin Memory could be the vanguard of big shifts in the SSD Market in the next couple of years.

In opening up my crystal ball, I think what will happen is that the NAND suppliers themselves are going to take a lesson learned from others in the industry and move up market…The question is: can these new vendors pull off this huge change? Selling NAND or even selling NAND-based storage is far different than selling to SMB, which is far easier to sell to than the enterprise. There are issues of customer knowledge and expectations on product. The fact of the matter is that today people are looking for integrated products that are appliances that can address multiple types of requirements from big data, to file storage to even object storage. There has to be a lot of software written. The only way to accomplish that in a short period of time is through acquisition.

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