Ghent University Speeds Genome Analysis with TimeLogic

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n2n-with-subtitle_smallerThe “Nucleotides 2 Networks” initiative at Ghent University has implemented TimeLogic’s latest DeCypher systems to assist researchers in their efforts to unravel the function of novel genes and proteins. Using FPGA-based accelerators, TimeLogic’s DeCypher systems greatly increase the speed of sequence comparison.

Our TimeLogic technology has been designed with large scale genome annotation projects in mind and these systems make a great addition to any compute facility. For example, this DeCypher® system will run Tera-BLAST, our accelerated BLAST implementation, many hundreds of times faster than the software-only version and as a result, can take quite a bit of pressure off your multi-core CPU cluster.” commented Michael Murray, Manager of Sales & Marketing activities for TimeLogic products at Active Motif. Furthermore, he added, “this purchase represents the expansion of an existing DeCypher system and we’re very proud of the fact that Ghent University, like so many of our TimeLogic customers, continues to update their DeCypher platform with the inclusion of our latest FPGA hardware.”

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