NERSC Announces 2014 Achievement Awards

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Ted Kisner (International Planck Collaboration), Jean-Luc Vay and Anubhav Jain accept their NERSC Achievement awards.

This week NERSC announced the recipients of its second annual HPC Achievement Awards, an effort to recognize users whose work has had an exceptional impact on scientific understanding or society. NERSC also presented two early career awards designed to encourage younger scientists who are using HPC in their research.

Choosing the recipients of such achievement awards is no easy task, as all 5,000 of our users are tackling important scientific challenges and we can only honor four of them,” said NERSC Director Sudip Dosanjh. “The accomplishments of our 2014 NERSC Achievement Award winners really highlight the wide range of research supported by NERSC, in this case studying problems ranging from the beginning of our universe to developing innovative algorithms for accelerator design, from creating a public database for developing new batteries and solar panels to modeling the transitions that underlie many processes in biology.”

NERSC staff and users also kicked off the 40th anniversary of the center, which was established in 1974 to use computing to advance fusion energy research. The center now supports 700 different projects covering a wide range of scientific disciplines.

While many of NERSC’s users are longtime users who have a consistent record of accomplishment, it’s important that we also acknowledge the innovative work of those in the formative years of their work, as evidenced by our Early Career award winners,” said Richard Gerber, leader of NERSC’s User Services Group. “These young researchers are the future of science and they bring new ideas, new perspectives and new energy to their chosen fields.”

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