The Scary Side of AI and Big Data

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1c9b78dOver at Cluster Monkey, Douglas Eadline writes that recent big investments in AI technology by IBM and Google show that intelligent systems are the future of big business. The problem is, these advancements could come at the expense of our privacy.

And now for the scary part. The ability to intelligently analyze large (or small) amounts of data can be a great tool. Intelligent tools can help solve many pressing problems in science, engineering, business, education, government, and many other areas. These tools are very powerful and potent. If used in a good way they can raise the tide for every one. If on the other hand, they are used to invade personal privacy or broach surveillance laws, things may get problematic for those whose lives create the mountains of data fed into the smart clusters. Social media, it seems, is fertile ground for smart analysis. Inferring things about you from your twitter feed (or anything else you write for that matter) or what store your phone happens to visit are a bit eerie.

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