Slidecast: New PGI 2014 Release Adds OpenACC 2.0 Features and x64 Performance Gains

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Doug Miles

Doug Miles

In this slidecast, Doug Miles from Nvidia describes the new features and performance gains in the PGI 2014 release. Available today, PGI 2014 Compilers and Tools includes new capabilities for programming the recently announced Nvidia Tesla K40 GPU accelerators using version 2.0 features of the OpenACC directives-based parallel programming specification. It also provides, for the first time, OpenACC support for AMD Radeon GPUs and APUs.

The use of accelerators in high performance computing is now mainstream,” said Douglas Miles, director of PGI Software at Nvidia. “With PGI 2014, we are taking another big step toward our goal of providing platform-independent, multi-core and accelerator programming tools that deliver outstanding performance on multiple platforms without the need for extensive, device-specific tuning.”


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