DDN Advances WOS Object Storage Technology

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wosToday DDN announced WOS 360, a major update to their object storage platform that enables end users to build reliable, scalable, and efficient storage pools for all their unstructured data needs. Designed for scale-out storage infrastructures, WOS 360 offers a broad set of sophisticated new data protection, archive, collaboration and distribution capabilities.

As more organizations re-evaluate their storage architectures to meet the demands of modern massive scale environments, there is a rapid acceleration in the interest and deployment of object storage platforms. Some of the largest data environments in the web, cloud and research fields are DDN WOS customers who are setting the roadmap for DDN product innovation. Our WOS 360 announcement today which includes new software and the Archive Node hardware reflects DDN’s commitment to listening to our customers’ business requirements and delivering technology to help solve their rapidly changing data storage needs.”

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