“The Decade of Sensing” Comes to Oil & Gas

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Breunig resizeOver at Rice University, Patrick Kurp writes that the recent Rice Oil & Gas HPC Workshop drew more than 500 attendees from industry and academia.

The event kicked off with a keynote by Peter Breunig, general manager of technology management and architecture at Chevron IT.

In our field, the last decade was devoted to Big Data,” said Breunig. “This is the decade of sensing.” In his talk, “The Never-Ending Story of IT/HPC Evolution and Its Effect on Our Business,” Breunig said, “Finding and extracting oil and gas from the subsurface has always been a data-driven exercise. With advances in hardware and software technologies, and new sensing technologies, improving resolution within the reservoir is critical. Deep water wells cost a lot of money. We have to exploit all of our existing assets.” Breunig, who was trained as a seismic processing geophysicist, said the goal in seismic sensing and modeling is to reduce approximations and refine measurements. “That’s the reality. You’re going to be processing more and more data. Sensor data is increasing exponentially.”

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