Free PGI Comes to OS X

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free_pgi_2This week PGI announced that Free PGI is now available for Macs running OS X. The package includes the PGI high-performance parallel C99 and Fortran 2003 compilers as well as a parallel debugger for 64-bit and 32-bit Intel processor-based Macs.

Free PGI is intended for scientists, researchers, engineers and other domain experts who rely on or modify computational algorithms but who are not full-time software developers. Free PGI provides many of the most popular capabilities of PGI’s for-fee products in a streamlined, small footprint package for programmers needing the ability to easily modify and run code on their local laptop without the overhead and cost of the full package.

Note that GPUs are not included in the free version and the free developer license restricts executables to running on the same system as they were built.

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