Nimbix Launches 3D Workstations-as-a-Service

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urlToday Nimbix announced the immediate availability of High Performance 3D Workstations on demand. Using a pay-per-use model, this service enables end users to run their own private desktop environments, with persistent storage, for as little as $1 (USD) per processing hour.

High performance 3D visualization is very important in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) when dealing with realistic FEA models”, said Fidesys CTO Anatoly Vershinin. “JARVICE delivers a smooth, responsive remote experience for CAE Fidesys allowing our users to enjoy fully functional CAE in the Cloud.”

According to Nimbix, the company’s 3D workspaces can also operate over intercontinental latencies, allowing end users to adjust remote display quality to overcome network performance issues. Regardless of remote display quality, 3D rendering still occurs at full speed on the server grade GPU’s for maximum performance. Additionally, low powered clients such as tablets and smartphones can also receive the Nimbix 3D workspaces as a result of this server side rendering capability.

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