OpenFabrics Developer Workshop Coming Up March 30 – April 2

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imgresThe 10th annual OpenFabrics Alliance International Developer Workshop is fast approaching. The event takes place March 30–April 2 at the Monterey Marriott in Monterey, CA.

This isn’t the usual industry conference with one-way presentations. It’s a workshop featuring discussions on the development and improvement of OpenFabrics Software (OFS), the open-source software foundation of all RDMA enabled fabrics, and the strategic opportunities and advancements within the OFA. One outcome from last year’s workshop was the recently formed OpenFabrics Interfaces Working Group (OFI WG), chartered to develop extensible, open source interfaces aligned with application needs for high-performance fabric services. Attend this year’s workshop and you can be a part of the next advancement.

This year’s topics will be forward looking and will include sessions on key disruptive technologies that will challenge conventional thinking on I/O for servers and storage. Highlights from this year’s agenda include:

  • Opening Keynote, Dr. Thomas Sterling, Executive Associate Director and Chief Scientist at CREST, HPC in Phase Change for Exascale Computing
  • Speakers from leading companies including: Cray, IBM, Intel, Mellanox, Microsoft, NASA, and Oracle.
  • Sessions covering topics such as, Dependency on I/O for unstructured data, NVM as a disruptive technology, Scalable address resolution infrastructure and Linux NFSoRDMA.
  • This setting is uniquely suited to sharing ideas and fostering collaboration among colleagues that are the hallmarks of the OpenFabrics Alliance. The workshop welcomes anyone, both members and non-members, with the desire to drive and shape the future of OpenFabrics Software.

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